About Scaler only plays BASS root tone

I click the C pad and hope that only the root tone C plays, not C, E, G

I want to use SCALER to control Refx NEXUS
SQ in NEXUS can only be controlled by root tone.
For example, when I click C on SCALER, I want to play only C. When I click F, I want to play only F.
You want to add an ONLY root tone function to the SCALER interface.
Although the above performance mode has the BASS, they are rhythmic and not always played.
I wonder if there are any friends here who use REFX NEXUS?
You should know that this function will make it easier for SCALER to control other software.

Add an only bass option in Area C, and then adjust the upper and lower octaves.

Don’t know REFX. but your scenario seems like a perfect use case for the Multi Voice Option set to channel 2. I use that setup to add a bass note from external synths to existing Scaler patterns and voices all the time. Otherwise, a Unison chord should give you the single note you need.

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how to set Unison chord? Where is this option?

What’s the meaning of Multi Voice Option set to channel 2? Is there any teaching video?

Hey Swing

Fairly big topics but here are some starting points:

Multi Voice Output. (Sorry I, I wrote Multi Voice Option above) This new feature in 2.7 gives us the ability to have Scaler play a single note from a chord. Apparently it can be a problem for some DAWS due to routing issues but as a Studio One user, I’ve had no issues and use it all the time.

Unison Chords - Unison chords are single note chords. Here are 3 ways to create them:

  1. You can create them by hand using the chord editor and removing all other notes,
  2. You can play notes while in DETECT mode, right click on the captured notes and convert them to Unison Chords. Now you can drag them to your progression.
  3. You can turn on one of Scalers Bass Performances, fill a progression with chords, drag them out of Scaler, (do not drop) and then then back in and drop. This will do a Performance Detect and will likely give some single notes in Section A. You can get a lot of notes here and some have different voicings, but if you select all and right click you have some tools to work with. (follow with steps in option 2 above)

Good luck


If you enable MVO and route midi channel 2, I think this will give you the lowest note for each chord in Section C. So for example if the chord is C/G the out put is G.

The you simply have to record this midi or route it to a synth.

Right click which option to give me a screenshot mark? thank you

Just right click on one of the notes to get those options.

As Ed reinforces however, using MVO is probably your easiest route if your DAW can handle it…

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thank you!
At first, I thought I could choose chords and turn them into Unison chords
Let me learn MVO
Because I can’t speak English, I need to understand slowly


thanks. I’ve tried it. It’s really possible, but it’s still inconvenient.

I hope 。。。

In area C, right click the chord pad to add a “Chord to Unison”

Anymore success with this !? I have Nexus and have same issue I’m in logic which I believe doesn’t support multi out!?