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Share your best chord sets with other users.

Nice work guys, we have always wanted to move in this direction and one of the reasons for setting up this forum was for a place to users to share chord sets. I think we should also incorporate our favourite user chord sets into our next update. I suggest we (mods) pick our favourite chord sets then get in touch with users to ask if we can incorporate them into our next Scaler update (1.3). Maybe if you want to suggest genres that augment what we already have or even create your own genre chord sets!

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More Film Scoring & Cinematic chord sets please


Done, we do have several but they are scattered - such as ‘Soundtrack’ or ‘Sad Ending’ but we will form a Film Scoring and Cinematic category and populate them with some nice Chord Sets. Look out for 1.3 update due Q3


How about a Billy Joel category, so many great progressions and iconic style.


A Neptunes category would be pretty dope. They have some interesting chord progressions worth exploring.