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Suggest new features and improvement you would like to see added in Scaler.

Please add pattern “CHORD” to Arpeggio. Thank you.

I wish that Midi-FX / ScalerControl2 will soon be available for Cubase / VST as well.

I’m sure someone has already asked for this but the ability to build or input your own midi Performances and Phrases.



It would be nice in Scaler “chord creation” mode to be able to add notes one at a time (and audition the chord) and THEN commit the chord. (Rather than have to play the chord all at once to capture it for use in a progression). This feature exists in the app ChordPolyPad (as a reference) which is not nearly as functional/useful as Scaler, but this feature is REALLY useful for guitarists like me who can “build chords” just not “play them” well. It’s also nice to be able to create the optimal voicing rather than have to go search a bunch of variations to find one.

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Will be great to have a more easy “Save mode” your chords. For example - to my folder. Right now I can only save the presets by the name. And it automatically create the folder and in this folder - the preset. And then I manually need to place it to my folder. So will be nice to have chance to save my presets to one folder…

Yes. Hello Ed1:
I would like to have control over the DetectedScale section of the screen between A & B screens. After Scaler has detected my chords, suggested scales, I select the scale I want to work with, I no longer need the rather large, wide DetectedScale section. I would like to turn it off, make it disappear, whatever. Give it the DS designation and let us manipulate it, turn it off, shrink it, slide it off to the side, something to leave me with the sections I’m working with. Once the DetectedScale screen has done its job I would like to be rid of it.

Ron in Oregon

I love scaler, but what would make it even better for me would be to be able to select a SCALE and then be able to view all SONGS and ARTISTS progressions for that scale. At the moment i have to click through all of them to find a match as far as i know.

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Hi! I would really love to have the midi chord & notes input display from Scaler 2 as its own separate plugin! (Free for all owners of Scaler 2) This would be a really dope and helpful tool to see what notes and chords you are playing.

  • Can you please add more rich complex gospel type chords?
  • Can you also add an option to create your own custom chords?


I’m new to Scaler 2 and the first issue I encountered is the very dark grey panel coupled with light grey writing. I have some issue with my eyesight and it is somethings impossible for me to read what is on the screen. Oh…if only there was an option to switch to a lighter screen background with black or blue writing! I would deeply appreciate that kind of option! Thanks for the chance to put in the request.

The list of songs and composers is impressive, and I wish I could make use of it.

My problem is that I have never heard of any of these people (sorry about that). It would really help if everything in this section was grouped by genre.

The same is true of the performance section in a lesser way. I can make sense of some of the Italian, but mostly I just have to hunt and peck.

I don’t mind experimenting, but often I’m looking for something specific and don’t want to take the time to search through hundreds of possibilities.