Active key lock issue with key modulation that do not follow the new progression scale

Hi there.
Perhaps I did something wrong but when I modulate a chord progression from C major to D major and when I play D major chord the keylock with white keys only activated is still in C Major. Why the activated scale doesn’t follow the curren t key in pad mode? I m a bass player and it will be extremelly useful to improvise in different keys with differents scales just using the keyswitches system that could trigger differents scales

Many thanks for your help

not sure you can play a D major chord using only the white keys…

Hi fossile!

Of course you can using the key lock function with the white key only scale mapping… the issue is that the scales doesn t change when you trigger another key as the note from chord function do.

Welcome to the forum @Philippe Scale switching functionality for keys lock coming later this year!

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Thanks for this feedback…
Improvisation and spontaneity are the Scaler missing aspects in my view.
So far, you did a fabulous job : keep up with this