Add DAW tagging for posts on this forum

1st, loving what you guys are doing with Scaler. Definitely one of the best tools in my production toolbelt.

Any thought of enabling tags within the forum and giving people a way to identify their DAW. Considering some of the the unique characteristics between different DAWs, making it easy to find others that are working w/in the same DAW would be great. Another option would be DAW specific sub-forums.

Thanks and keep up the great work


it seems a good thing

as adding more data in profiles
for example, if you click on my profile, you should see the tools I use

Welcome @TMacD Good idea thank you

Hi @TMacD

We have enabled tagging and created a number of tags for the most common DAWs.

You should be able to browse/filter by tags from now on.
We have just enabled the feature and most topics are not tagged yet, going forward it should be easier to find what you are looking for.

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

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And added platform tagging too. So Windows & Mac!

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But how can I add a tag?
Or it is an automatic feature?

Hey Claudio
The tag field is displayed when you create a new post. It appears to be pre-populated so type the tag you want to add to see if it is included in the tag set. A team member might tweak this response but so far, that is how it worked for me.



I just created a post and missed it… :thinking:
I’ll look it better the next time…

Sure, found now!
Thanks TMacD