Add more rhythmic + melodic variety to built-in Scaler performances

Related to our previous discussions how much combinatoric variety the Scaler chord expressions & performances already have, I want to add one more discovery.

This doesn’t add to the MIDI data, but acoustically it still enriches melody and rhythm…
Put a well-timed audio delay (echo) on the audio output of the played sound driven by Scaler (doesn’t matter if Scaler internal instruments or other sound plugin is used, just add delay after sound plugin, or as send effect)

In Bitwig I configured my track like so…

Here’s a quick & dirty sound example…(you can compare this to the baseline ACCENTO melody in Scaler)
Scaler + Delay = New Melodies + Rhythms by Aleamanic (

Here a little less annoying performance, with 3 Scaler Performances played simultaneaously, same concept as described above. Took 5 minutes to throw together…
Stream Scaler 3 Performances + Delay by Aleamanic | Listen online for free on SoundCloud


Tracks not found. Did you take them down? In your pix is the delay on the Scaler audio only or is routing different in Bitwig?

No, didn’t take anything down. Just marked as private, but they should still be shareable via link. I’ve done this here before :-? I just made them “public”, so try again…

The “Note Delay” is an artefact from a previous experiment, it’s a MIDI Note Delay that didn’t really prove useful, it just delays every note and makes the actual melody still sound the same, just disregard.
Routing in Bitwig is from left to right, up until Diva (a soft synth) it’s MIDI, after Diva it’s audio.

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