Add "Pattern end" to "Play quantize to" options

This would allow selecting the next pattern to be played after the current pattern is done.

No problem, go to PAD view and select all patterns. Now hit play and it will play through them all. Works in DAW sync and binds the lot too.

Yes, I have used this technique and it works fine if I want to play all the patterns in sequence BUT what I want to be able to do is play pattern 1 then hit “E” key to play pattern 3 at the end of pattern 1…
or maybe pattern 1 at the end of pattern 4.
I think right now, selecting the different pattern immediately switches to the new pattern without waiting for the end.

How about using the keyswitches whilst in PAD view to do this? You can use them live or record them in. See the example here where I am switching between different patterns:
I do get what you are requesting though in that you have a pattern order option for playing patterns. Next major version of Scaler will mitigate the need for that.

Yup, I use the key switches in PAD, but they switch pattern on the next chord… I would like to switch at the end.