Add Slash Chords in Section C (bass notes other than the chord already chosen)

I can’t see any way of adding different bass notes to chords in section C (which is the section that need it).
Have I missed something?
If it’s been overlooked, I think it should be made priority in the next update.

Even EZKeys allows you to add any bass note to a chord in the circle of 5ths.

Have you tried Chord Edit?

Right mouse click on a chord and the last menu item is Edit Chord. From there you can modify the chord by hand by clicking on the piano roll.

Good luck

Right click on the chord -
Screen Shot 2021-08-03 at 8.26.03 AM
Click on any note to add or subtract it



Thanks for that.
Very helpful, although I’m not surprised that I missed it!

Such a major feature deserves it’s own button, and not hidden in a long right-click menu, IMO.

Agreed and it does in the NAV section click CHORD top right to get you straight there.

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So is there a chord slash option/button per se?

Just wondering if theres been any further developments? Or is the standard workflow manually editing a chord?

Hi @jonesy7979 Can you elaborate? You can create a slash chord by using inversions or by editing chords. You can see slash chords as a setting in the settings menu too.

@davide Yeah dont worry - i saw the settings after posting it and all is fine!

Also seeing as your online…Is there a way to just play the root note of a chord (like for a bass). I know we have bass mode…But id like to play single notes with the other performance modes on a single key. There is the edit chord option where i can subtract 2 other notes from a triad but I find Scaler gets all buggy and crashes/loses my edited single note chord…Is there a note priority option or a option just to play single root note of a given chord?

Scaler is designed to respond to chords, so it’s not intended to respond to single notes other than as a bind option. Even though expressions do respond to single notes thats more to let you know that it’s alive and doing something rather than as a function. Confusing but hope that is clear,