Add 'suggest' to 'pad' mode

The intro:
I love the plugin. It’s made it possible to write so many chord progressions without worrying about scales, and somehow still make it sound good! The way I do this, is by using the ‘suggest’ mode in the bottom portion of scaler. I also enable ‘live’ mode. Then i start out by just creating a chord, and basically all of the remaining chord progression is built by browsing the suggestions.

The problem:
This means that, while scaler has a lot of functionality, i only use about 20% of the interface, so it is very crammed. I have checked out all else it does, but nothing else is as accessible as i find the lower portion of scaler’s ‘suggest’ mode.

The suggestion:
If you could add the same ‘suggest’ mode when we switch over to ‘pad’ mode, then it could continue to let me explore chords without flipping through all tthe pages of patterns. This tiny change would open up scaler so much and become much more interesting to switch between different patterns in one go. maximum efficiency.

Thanks for reading!

Hi @object and welcome to the forum. I agree that it is crammed and it certainly was difficult to fit Scaler 2 on iPad real estate. There is a complete overhaul coming Q4 24 which will make things much easier. Thanks for taking the time to leave feedback.

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Hi Davide,

I just realized I had forgotten to reply earlier. I did read your message initially but got distracted and forgot to respond. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!

The Q4 update sounds fantastic, and I’m really excited to see the new layout. If there’s a beta program for testing, I’d love to participate. I have a programming background and extensive experience with QA in the gaming industry.

Thanks also for all the free updates you’ve been pushing out. It’s rare to see that in the music industry.

Scaler has become a staple plugin for me. Even Apple’s new ‘AI Chords’ system doesn’t compete with it. The ability to set a specific voicing of a chord and have the plugin respect that voicing is incredibly rewarding to experiment with. More customization would be great, but I do use the chord notes/extensions feature to play around as well.

Scaler has made learning about music theory fun, and it has completely replaced the dreaded ‘fiddle around with notes in piano roll for chords’ for me.

Thanks again,

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