Additional scale tagging to match the genre chord progressions (e.g. Funk)

Not sure if this feature request is redundant, someone else might have expressed it already in different words…

I wish there was more integrated tagging of scales consistent with the wording in the SONGS (genre based chord progressions). For example, I was trying to match a FUNK base line (in the Expression settings), and its 70s FUNK&SOUL chord progressions, with a matching scale for FUNK style.
I know, I can get there indirectly, but calling up the SONGS chord progression and then look at the scale menu what scales would match those progressions. Curiously though, you already have “bluesy”, “Jazzy”, “Rocky” in some chord progressions, so why not complete the labeling with the music styles you provide in the SONGS menu? No biggie, just a more friendly workflow improvement. Thanks!

Absolutely agree. I keep saying it’s the nature of squeezing the round peg into a square hole adaptation. To try and begin the path of reconciliation 2.4 is going to have a ‘Common/Simple/Easy’ bank across all performance, chord sets etc that is designed to work together. Fingers crossed.