Adim7 in scaler.
But not in BIAB, so what else can Adim7 write?


Can’t you just add it right there?

Adim7 cannot be written out as input :joy:

Adim in BIAB is Adim7, as it has the F# in it. So it’s voiced A C bE F#

The triadic Adim is A C bE

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Is this heard through the ear? Or does BIAB have a display?

If you add Adim to a BIAB chord sheet and then print the notes it plays they are

Which is technically Adim7 (A C bE F#)

Thank you.
I wonder if there is a more convenient way to view it in BIAB VST.

I’ve not really used the VST, but it’s not obvious how to display chord notes in it.

Now I mainly use BIAB VST to generate some riffs.
Such as guitar, sax and other instruments