AI generator?

Hi, I’m wondering if you have a plan to add A.I. generator. It’s been hot in every industry and I’d like to see if you can achieve it. I’ll be looking forward to it.
Plus, Scaler 2 has been too slow when it’s loaded since Scaler 2.6.0. I hope it’ll be fixed in the next update as well.
Thank you!

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Hi @jin8864y

Welcome to the forum.ould you just clarify

I find it takes between 2 and 3 seconds to load into Ableton Live 11 Standard or Reaper on my Windows 10 (16GB, i7 2.6GHz) laptop, although I am loading from a 500GB SSD.

You may want to confirm that your disc is not fragmented or too full (no more than 80% utilisation) as either of these issue can slow down loading times.

A.I. generator for doing what?

why for Aleatoric Ingenuity! :rofl:

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I could never imagine that

Hi, ed66
Actually, my laptop also have similar spec. Windows 10, 40GB ram, i7 2.6GHz, SSD for C and D drives. I definitely installed Scaler 2 on D drive, but it’s still slow to load. As I mentioned, Scaler 2 loading time was pretty quick until version 2.5. The loading time has been increased since 2.6 all of a sudden.
130GB free out of 931GB. Studio One and Reaper.

For random generator, I mean. Scaler 2 only provides patterns, but it would be awesome if it provides random generator as well.

my desktop is way lower in specs, and Scaler 2.6 is very quick to open
maybe the problem is not linked to Scaler

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