Aleatoric Percussion

Since I don’t know much about traditional music theory, I keep improvising with curated aleatoric methods. I apply them usually to melodies and sound, but now I am also exploring rhytm aspects.

None of the rhythmic aspects are sequenced / in the piano roll. I just feed the same Scaler chords as the melody/backing pads. The percussive patterns are driven by RandARP under evolving (randomized) settings for speed, opportunistic triplets/dots, and Bitwig-controlled filter modulation aligned with emerging rhythms. Oh and also a modulated opportunistic Delay (Replika XT). Sounds like a complicated way to make music, but to me the only fun way :slight_smile:

RandARP has such an assuming UI, but is such a powerhouse. Can’t emphasize enough how useful this little tool is, and better yet, it’s totally free!

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Thanks for this Bernd. I would like to do something with rythmes, too, so I’ll try your recipe.
BTW, i don’t know why i read the title as “Aleamanic Percussion”. It’s like i immediately felt your vibes behind. :grin:

It is not a coincidence that you read it this way… I deliberately chose my artist name “Aleamanic” based on my fascination for “aleatoric” music. Alea->random, Manic->Obsessed …“He who is obsessed with randomness:grin:

Curiously, some folks online mistake my artist name as “Ale-a-Manic” - that is a fair point though :rofl:He who appreciates a fine pint of fermented wheat:upside_down_face:


I don’t understand why an aleatoric musician doesn’t have any of the aleatoric Soundpaint instruments… :thinking:

Have you checked them?
For example, this one

P.S: My 2nd job is selling monkeys to other people’s backs :rofl:

@ClaudioPorcellana are you trying to click-bait me? :rofl:
No dice here :stuck_out_tongue:

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