Alice's Blues

This set is based on a well-known Charlie Parker standard, “Blues for Alice.”

I don’t claim this is the definitive set of chords for this. Vocings and inversions could, no doubt, be improved and expanded, but these are the basic changes.

I’m posting this also to become more adept at using Scaler.

Basic 12 Bar Blues form but with Jazz-type changes in three patterns. I also uploaded the “session” but I’m not sure, is that necessary for sharing a chord set?

Alice’s Blues-1-Pattern 1.xml (1.1 KB)
Alice’s Blues-2-Pattern 2.xml (1.0 KB)
Alice’s Blues-3-PATTERN 3.xml (721 Bytes)
Alice’s Blues-Session-2020-11-01.xml (18.0 KB)


I don’t know the song but I am curious :grinning:
why 4 xml files?
as you use the multiple-Scaler instances work-flow I suppose
and I think they are all Scaler instruments, isn’t it?

I prefer a lot using one only Scaler instance, then different patterns for each instrument, with the further advantage to have one xml for all

That’s how Scaler always saves. The session is all the patterns and the patterns are each pattern separate. Scaler 2 has always saved that way. Load session for everything in one session.

sure but so why do you show 4 xml files to download?

for example, this xml includes 1 Scaler instance and 4 different patterns for 4 guitars
Rocky-4guitars.xml (23.9 KB)

I assume since that’s what Scaler saved that’s what to OP thought best to post. You can download what you want. Easy.

Exactly right. The song is 12 measures but has 20 basic chords, including some repeated chords. So, that yielded two Patterns of Eight Chords and one Pattern of Four Chords. I may use other instances of Scaler for an actual rendition of the song.

I’m not sure what the best way to share a set is, so I uploaded all the files Scaler generated. Do I only need to upload the session file? I’ll have to consult the Operations Manual on this. This is my first try to at a chord set export. Very nice feature.

I’m still struggling with the enharmonics in Scaler a bit. I can’t work out how to make some chords display at Flats, in particular. It would be great to have a little button, or something, to easily switch chord names to Flat to Sharp on the fly, including Cb, B#, and Fb,E# :nerd_face:

(I’d like the Circle of 5th to have Flat and Sharp Note Names and for chords to be more easily switched between common enharmonic names.).

Anyway, here’s a shot of the progression. Thanks for any advice about uploading chord sets.

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tried Alice’s Blues and had a lot of fun…
putting it into loop then passing through all expressions, phrases etc using a mellotron, a flute, a pipe organ and a mallet piano

it is very interesting that some expressions, phrases etc work better with one instrument but not another, and how the Parker style can be totally changed using other expressions, phrases etc


you have just to click the gear icon, then Export, then upload here the xml

You’re doing it right!

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I imported session and started to play.
Scaler 2 still has midi stuck sound behavior; sound won’t stop; volume even increased. Bug not fixed in 2.1.1 vst3.