Allow different MIDI channels for chords/performance output and other notes played manually


Thanks for making this software, it is very interesting.

However I’m having a problem when using a Scaler2 instance to play chords (or performances based on chords) and also other notes at the same time.

What happens is that the notes generated by the chords/performance are in the same channel as the notes that I play manually. This causes the notes to interfere when the same note(s) are generated by both the chords/performance and the notes I’m playing manually. This causes notes to abruptly end or not even start due to note collisions.

My feature request would be if a new configurable option could be added so the notes generated by the chords/performance are sent to a different MIDI channel compared with the notes I’m playing manually. For example allowing to configure that notes generated by the manually played notes in channel 1 and chords/performances in channel 2 onwards (if multi channel output is enabled). That way those notes would not collide with each other.

About “screen collisions” in the piano roll, maybe they could have different colors so when a note in the piano roll is hit by both chord/performance and manually played note, both colors are added up or mixed somehow (for example green for notes from chords and cyan for notes manually played, generating yellow (or any other combination) when the same note (in different MIDI channels) is hit by both.

At the moment to try to mimic this behavior I have to create two different Scaler2 instances and set both with the same commands for example to change scales, etc, having to filter the notes from my MIDI keyboard that I want to use in both cases. This is very impractical, especially if the number of bound keys change when you change the number of chords in the pads, and it is not currently even possible because of a bug I reported separately that crashes the DAW when using two instances with commands to change scale in both.

By allowing separate output channels for manually played notes and notes from chords/performances this workflow would be greatly simplified (only one instance and not having to filter out notes in the DAW)

I hope this request makes sense somehow. Thanks!

Welcome to the forums.

I’d suggest using one instance of Scaler for chords and then another instance for played notes. There are many possible workflows with Scaler and many involve using multiple instances of the program within the DAW. The youtube videos on the product give many good examples. Good luck.


Thank you, that’s exactly what I tried to do in the first place and it worked… except for the bug that I hit when I did!

I’ve reported that bug separately here:

On the other side, even if that bug is fixed, it would not be ideal. For example if you have a different number of chords bound to trigger keys, you would need to be changing the note filters manually every time you add a chord to the pads, etc. If the bug is fixed I’m ok to do it, but I can always wish that there was a simpler way :wink: