An oddity, if not a bug, with Avant Garde 6

I was auditioning ‘avant garde’ progressions and came across some curious behaviour. It’s not obvious if this was simply as should be expected. It is illustrated by these two chords when playing ‘Avant Garde 6’
test ag6
The result is here
When I first played it, each chord was set to 4 beats, and they all played the full progression except AG6, which just played 1 note.
So I changed it to 16 beats and got the result above.
Now I can understand this if the behaviour was the same across all chords, but it wasn’t - it only seems to do it (so far) on this chord.

Any thoughts ? @ed66 and @TMacD seem to be experts on patterns lengths :smiling_face:

Hi @panda

A happy New Year to you.

Have you tried saving the midi output? When I tried it I found the the Ab maj(no5) is outputting a B4 to Ab6 chord.

I have found the same behaviour appears to be happening on all the degrees of the scale. I don’t think it is anything to do with the pattern length. It appears to be something about the way that the playback engine is processing the chord with no 5.

I have found a similar behaviour with the Ab5 (D#5 to G#6).

It seems to be behaviour related to chords with only two notes when using the Avant Garde 6 performance.

Is it a bug? I don’t know. I think someone on the Dev Team may have to look at this to answer that question.

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Yep like Ed said.

I was also able to get the single note playback with some other 3 and 4 note chords so there is something unique about the AG6 (performance) It seems some chords only play one note and some chords only play the chords w/outplaying the Performance notes. If you don’t have enough chord playback time, you won’t hear the other chords.

FWIW, You can find an example of this with

  • Performance = Avant Garde 6 and Chord Duration set to 4 beats
  • Song = A Kingdom
  • Problem chord = G maj(no5) [7th chord in the song]
  1. If you hit Play in section A, you will hear 2 singe chords played on the G Maj (dependent on chord duration) but no single notes played
  2. If you move that cord to Section C and hold down the chord with your mouse, you will get all the chords played from the performance but no single notes
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