An option to leave performances menu open


I’d love to have an option in the settings that allowed me to keep performances menu dropdown open.

If I want, for example, to switch quickly between “Accento” and “Fine”, it would be so much quicker to not have it closing when I select an option. And to close it, we would simply have to click elsewhere on Scaler.

Thank you!
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I suspect you can map those items with the 2.4 new mapping feature, but unsure because I never tried it

While if you just want moving from one to the following one in the series, you can just use the Up and Down arrows (in your PC keyboard) without touching anything else in the GUI

Yeah I know that, but :

  • the first option is not really what I’m looking for, what I want is not “being able to switch quickly between two presets I already choos”, but to be able to compare within the creative process.
  • the second option is not very efficiant too. :grin: But yes, I use mostly the arrows.
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This is exactly the use case for which I suggested a MIDI CC mapping for each chord progression subdirectory, so you can twist a knob and it selects different entries from a list. So within SONGS the first knob would pick the musical style, while the second knob would pick the particular pattern. That same logic could be applied to performance selection. I am completely onboard with @Ariakan 's suggestion for purposes of workflow improvement and the creative process :slight_smile:

aha, this makes a lot of sense
Well, let us wait for a dev

Hi @Ariakan The menu system is not ideal mainly because we never really intended menus and yes it can be frustrating to switch between two but now you can midi map between 2 or however many you want or you could assign them in EDIT mode and play between them in your bind area! (the latter is quite an easy way to compare). Let me know if you need help with that…

the dev appeared in real-time
he he

Haha, yeah @ClaudioPorcellana

Hi @davide , as I said in a comment, it was just an example, I don’t need to switch between two selected presets, I want to switch between ALL presets quickly without having to click on all menu again (or use 10x the arrow) when I want to compare two presets. My issue is when I’m searching the right preset for my song, in the creative research process. :slight_smile:

For me arrows on my keyboard is the absolute quickest way to move between them whilst searching, we are also about to allow that to midi map so you could use something on your own midi controller so you can play whilst flicking through easier.