Andre´ Touhey

I don’t usually look under artist progressions for some reason but I was looking for something a bit different and discovered Andre Touhey. One progression in particular was very intriguing in that many of the chords were out of scale but sounded right. After adding a few suggestions in B I had a very nice jazzy guitar part (using the NI Picked Nylon) that was perfect for the ending of the film I’m working on. I’ll be sure to try others when I get stuck.


Andre is a composer and I love his chord sets in fact the scaler ‘theme’ that I wrote was based on his chord sets:


Thank you for including them in Scaler. They took me by surprise because they are very musical but not anything like I would have come up with. I think I started with the 2nd one, transposed it to Gbmaj and ran it through suggestions to get a 2nd lovely pattern set that went perfectly with his. I think I changed one or two chords but it came out very cool.


fantastic. Do you only make music for movies?

Short films mostly. I did a feature length art film 3 years ago. I got an award for best score and best sound design from The Seattle Composer Alliance for it. The film was North of Blue by Joanna Priestley.
The one I am doing now is a 12 minute animated film by Laura Di Trapani.

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It’s great. Directors and producers who know music must be great.
I look forward to playing a role.

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thanks for information @jamieh
I use artist progressions quite often but I missed this guy

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