Another interesting tool

If you haven’t seen this, I think it’s another interesting tool in the toolbox. And it compliments Scaler nicely. And it’s on sale right now fairly inexpensive.
Venomode – Phrasebox –

Honestly this is sort of how I wish Scaler’s performances would work. Allow you to see what is happening in a piano roll like format and then create your own or edit existing ones. But until then, there is this tool.


I had a quick look, and it has some interesting ideas at a quick first read. I think the philosophy is rather similar to Captain Melody Epic ?

I’ll look at more and check out what dems there are.

Yes and no. I haven’t looked at Captain Melody Epic too much to be honest even though I bought the upgrade. From the perspective of “rolling the dice” and it generates something random for you, it is similar. But that’s not what I find most interesting and useful about it. I’m less enamored of the random melody generators than I used to be.
What seems unique to me as far as I know is that it will take a chord input, split up the notes of that chord and then essentially give you an arpeggiator that does something with each note of that chord. And it can split its per note output up to different MIDI channels.
This is essentially the tool I’ve been looking for for a while now, particularly for Ostinatos. You can do them in Divisimate but it’s rather complex and is a standalone program outside your DAW. There are tools in Rapid Composer but that software does so many things it’s a bit much to be honest. This tool is more like one of the generators in Rapid Composer but focused on doing one thing and doing it well.
I was hoping Annimation Station from Sample Logic would have done this for me. But it’s UI is kind of a hassle for this, and it seems geared mostly for use in making electronic glitchy arpeggios.

Anyway, I think it’s going to fit into my workflow quite often. Right up there with Scaler and Divisimate. I have a lot of the various MIDI composition tools. These are the ones I find most useful.

The other day I mentally totted up the number of synth patches I have and stopped at around 25,000, although I suspect it’s nearer 30k+

I have a array of music apps, and I haven’t really ‘mastered’ any of them.

I’ve now come to force myself to the realisation that if I can’t actually make music with what I have, I never will. I’m think of stripping back the things I use and trying to make them work. Less might be more in this case.


I love it too and we have some ideas that expand on this process. Stay tuned.


I can confirm it’s brilliant. Just what I was looking for. Ability to split to channels is game changer for me. Cheers.

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Anyone know how this compares to Cthulhu, specifically the arp portion?

Or you could just be like me, you like noodling, it wastes a lot of time, but it’s a lot of fun !


This looks amazing! A perfect companion. I bought it immediately, especially at the sale price. Thank you for sharing!

Just purchased it, can confirm - definitely useful… Still 60% off at

Just over 8 hours left for the discount…

Thank you!
I tried it out and it is really useful!

It’s looks good but the offer is now over. Thanks anyway.

Yep, the sale has been over for a while now.

For anyone that might have missed the sale I linked before, it’s on sale now over at Audio Plug In Deals.
Phrasebox by Venomode - Audio Plugin Deals


Just got this as it is currently on offer!

Certainly the best accompaniment to scaler 2 that I’ve used. I’d love it if scaler had something like this built in.


I bought it yesterday.

lt is very flexible and so far the only thing i miss in it is MIDI output or, even better, drag and drop to DAW.
No one of arpegiators I have allows such a level of control.
Worth 29$ on PhraseBox on Plugin Boutique

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Yeah, I just capture it in real time to the tracks that are driving the virtual instruments I’m using. That also allows me to trigger different phrases in real time with keyswitches.

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It is easier than dragging the midi file. Phrasebox creates a midi file as it plays!
You need to send the phrasebox signal to another instrument and record that instrument. Phrasebox writes a midi file in that instrument track. You can actually watch the midi file being written.
Phrasebox is super, although it does get confused sometimes and writes overlapping or continuous midi notes which I have to erase manually.

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