Any of you know CloudBounce?

Hey guys,

First of all, sorry if this forum/section is not appropriate for this question. If so, don’t worry and please remove it. :slight_smile:

Any of you know CloudBounce? I am asking because I purchased some plugins at Plugin Boutique and through that rewards I got the option of get a discount coupon with 84% off for a CloudBounce Mini Lifetime plan.

This would lower the price, currently at US$ 65,00 to around US$ 10,00. This sounds like a very good deal and, well, even if the mastering service would not be 100%, let’s say, even so I think it would be a good deal (10 bucks for unlimited lifetime local mastering).

But, just wondering if some of you know it. :slight_smile:

It looks like a great deal. Why don’t you try doing a track and see if you like it. You can try one track free.
I use because I had a pluginalliance account that I got it cheap. I use it all the time. Again, if you have a track ready - try it out.

Yes. Forgot that! :sweat_smile:

I just did a test and liked it. It’s already in my cart.