Anyone have Neo Soul or Jazz Chords

was hoping someone would have some smooth Neo-Soul or Jazz Chords to share. Thank you in advance


For the Spitfire Labs Libary i did make one Universal to use Soundpatch for Contmparary Jazz. Easy to Play. You can Ask Skippy John Lemkuhl from Pluginguru how to get it. I do Not know how to Share with Scaler.

To share chord progressions in Scaler:
Save your session. An .xml file is generated, which you can share because whoever receives it, if they place it in the Scaler2 / Sets directory, will be able to open it in the state in which you saved it, from User in Scaler

Thanks for the help. Its part of a Project. But its Not finalised. I did team up with some programmer guys in past. Two German programmers and 2 from Russia.

Background Pluginguru John Lehmkuhl did make a Community Project and requested Soundpatches for a free Unify Libary.

I personal have No music background and i am more than 40 years. I decide for Sounddesign and Patchdesign.

OK, because i am an Experimental 360 photographer and videographer its my whish to find ways to combine both.

Normal i stream when i search sounds that are good to visualize and this guys did Pic IT Up and did program some visual automated matching scenes.

Spitfire Labs have us the permission to use their arts. And here is a first result. I will search the patches and cords.

But i like to give the time for Scaler developement to use Special MusicXML instead of XML only. Have for Midi a lot of advantages. Let me publish first this with Dolby Atmos integration. Usual i post Files below my Videos in the Youtube Channel. There you find also the teaser for the #Jazzday i was in the official program with a demonstration.

I finaly like to reuse First arround 80GB of Material that i did make at a photowalk meeting with 10 of the best European 360 photographers including the US LA based and Australia Ben Claremont.
Until i am familiär with scaler and this project. Maybe Scaler offer MusicXML integration in import and Export. A Nase i need for Dolby Atmos binaureal (ordinary headset) production.

I did found the 2 Cords that are in my Patch and did Inspire John to make. An own Patch but did played not so good the Cord shifting. But you can ask him below the Video If he can send you the instruction i have him with the patch.

I am a little bit concerned by the way because Unify guys make Tons of automated Patches now. In 3 months 18000 Soundpatches and for a Libary i sit now 6 months.
This automated Soundpatches have No description included. And for Just one Patch i search or di a Lot of Research at Wikipedia and inside Arts and History Resources that IT Match. All this information is lost.
This patch he did play from 1:32 in the Timeline. And this patch my husband did use for the #Jazzday for education. Radio Kabul Radio Station, Afghanistan send one chord and Radio Constanta Radiostation the other Cord and i did combine them with geo localisation and did Stream with YouTube and Dolby Atmos. Live.
We did start a DaVinci Resolve Discussion Here in the Forum recently.
Here The Jazzday announcement.

Here The Patch played by John in own Interpretation

The sheer amount of patches available keeps me away from unify. It doesn´t help your own creativity but keeps you off the flow. It´s not all about sounds but all about harmony and rhythm. Playing on a 6-string guitar can be much more creative than scrolling through 1000s of patches…


You are rights. May main concern with John îs tur automation script for others VST Instruments. May target îs top understand and all this automations explain nothing. A great libary i sit now 6 months and create own sounds îs plasmonic vst.

For example i can not play guitar. But i have a bunch of Instruments that do not follow the typical scales.

I die restore thus instrument. Did you ever saw this? Very metalic Sound with Strings.


This looks like a variation of a medieval instrument called a Bowed Psaltery. Looks like this has an extra area to strum/pluck much like a zither in the center.

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The German name is “Geigen Laute” translation îs Violin Lute. Riller did made this instrument arround 1906 and patented it in 1927 in USA. There exist not much information or examples. But sound îs great. With some effects i guess lot of fun with scaler.