Anyone one else automating Scaler EQ?

I just made the switch to Live from S1 and I’m having a blast automating Scaler EQ . Draw it by hand or attach settings to mod controls, and all kinds of fun starts. :slight_smile:

I could do it S1, but Ableton makes it so much easier and ahhh…funner. Just wondering if anyone else is playing around with this at the moment.

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I do - not as much as I’d like to. Crazy world In there I am sure. Share something when you can, would love to see it.

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Working on some things now but every time I think I’m close, I find some new tool to drive Scaler EQ. Ableton tools like Shaper and Envelope Follower introduce all kinds of interesting scenarios but I’m new to Live so little things can take a while. Fun stuff none the less. Really hoping you guys are taking some of the automation ideas from EQ into Scaler n. Thanks again for such a great set of tools!

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Did you experience any downsides in switching from S1 to Ableton? I mean generally, not only concerning Scaler.

Short answer…not at all. I do miss the macro support and maybe some of the midi tools, but not enough to be an issue. If I was into extensive mixing and mastering or maybe live recording, the answer would probably be yes. I’ll stay with Live for the creative stuff and S1 for the utility stuff.

Longer answer:

I’m actually loving Live way more than I expected, but understand that I’m a hobbyist and definitely more of an audio tinkerer than a musician or engineer. I rarely ever keep what I’m working on, regardless of time spent. I’ve dabbled with the lite version of Live for years but was never impressed by the interface and never committed to really learning anything about it. I’m a software guy so S1’s fit and finish and macro subsystem kept me close. That being said, I really got fed up with S1’s lack of attention to the creative or innovative side of music creation. (from my perspective)

Now it might just be boy with a new toy syndrome, but committing to learning Ableton’s platform and the myriad ways of connecting and controlling things has been a blast. I did not go with Suite, so I missed out on the Max for Live functionality, but If I’m still as psyched 6 months from now, I’ll add that to the mix.

Probably more than you wanted to know, but happy to share my experience. Music for me need to be fun and Live delivers that in spades…almost as much as Scaler. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!