Anyone using EQ in standalone mode?

I was wondering if anyone has been using the standalone version of EQ.
If so, how & when?

No standalone for Scaler EQ @TMacD AM I missing something? :thinking:

:slight_smile: Yeah there is…have it up and running now.

Windows 11 system
In Help it is described as: Scaler EQ 1.0.0 Standalone.

In it’s Audio/Midi settings it is connected to my default PreSonus Revelator IO 24)
I have not tried to run any audio through it yet.

Guess those devs were working overtime. :slight_smile:

It’s here on the Mac as well although it only has a generic icon and not a Blue Scaler Icon.
I never would have looked for it. Looks like it is possible to route it between DAW and DAW, etc if you have the right apps.

So I guess the question is… do we get a finders fee?

Just ran my steaming mic though it and now have the coolest voice over enhancer in the industry.

Well I’ll be damned. I guess we need to advertise this and I wonder exactly what the intentions were from the developers. As in, was it intentional? Maybe @jchdejong has something to say here? My non technical understanding is AUv3 Is universal (iOS, MacOS) so it makes sense to be standalone but not sure this was the intention. I’ll find out but why not?!