Are there any "how to use chords from X" somewhere?

An issue I find I run into is understanding how to use certain chord sets from genre X

It would be nice if there was a “hint” option for how to use the chords

There a collection of chords output but it lacks the part of “here’s a potential form to use them in

I’ll use a example where form knowledge helps a lot, blues, a typical blues form is:

  • I chord for 4 bars
  • IV chord for 2 bars
  • I chord for 2 bars
  • IV chord for 1 bar
  • V chord for 1 bar
  • IV chord for 1 bar
  • I chord for 1 bar
  • V chord for 1 bar

Without knowing that form the chords in a set sound very disconnected. Then when there’s some chords that are out of the key it requires piecing together the “oh this is how they fit into the style of the music I’m after”