Arpeggios never finish on last beat of bar

I bought scaler it’s registered. I’m having issues with it playing arpeggios and synching it to the tempo it’s recording in Logic Pro. I’m not being flashy, this is just 4/4 hip hop time sig.

Most VSTs like this auto synch or have some tempo times to chose from a dropdown. Whatever BPM i play at, at times the arpeggio matches. Most of the time it don’t.

Midi is bound, I selected the Author, chose arpeggio, I am playing the a real life midi keyboard. It’s set up correctly in logic pro. I can’t find an option to match the tempo of the song being output. For example in 80bpm

Here’s an example I’m using a preset 'author sound Mike Huckaby, whatever scale. The arpeggio finishes mid second bar, not on the end of the first (or end of second).

What am i doing wrong?

Hi. Not sure if you are experiencing the same problem I did but just a suggestion.

The arpeggiator triggers the number of notes in the chord that has been picked. If it’s a simple triad then there will be only 3 notes in the bar where you want 4.

I had a workaround - hope it helps your situation.

This is in Reaper but might work in your case:


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Nothing, this is the expected behavior. We know it is not standard but the current implementation allows you to preview and export chords one by one, arpegiatted with all of their notes.

This is due to Scaler being born a composition helper and quickly morphing into more of a performance tool due to users requests. To accommodate all usages we have decided this solution was the easier to workaround as you can edit the extra notes in your DAW.

We are working on a new performance engine for the next major version of Scaler which will be a lot more configurable.

In the meantime, you can follow @Mykyndryd advice as playing through the DAW helps mitigate the issue.

Thanks for reporting your issue,

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