Arturia 50% off summer sale - a great pairing with Scaler

If you are interested in any of the Arturia virtual instruments, effects or sound banks, Arturia just opened it’s 50% off Summer sale. Don’t know how long it lasts, but If you’ve never used Arturia instruments, you are in for a treat and they pair perfectly with Scaler.

Bonus tip - If you have Analog Labs, did you know that any sample presets that download when you are exploring a sound bank in the Arturia store (typically the 1st 10 or so presets in a bank), can be used (almost) as a normal preset? This gives you free access to hundreds of presets contained w/in the various Arturia sound banks packs.

A couple limitations as explained by Arturia support:

  • While you cannot launch the entire instrument UI, you can manipulate all the custom macro controls
  • You cannot save, close and reopen a song and keep a sample preset active, but you can keep it active during an entre editing session with no apparent limitations. (If I have one I really want to use again, I typically bounce a copy before I save and just add the name of the preset to my track info. Then I can search for it from the home page of Analog Labs and reload it if needed.)

(these limitations were tested on a Windows / Studio One 5.5 setup)

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As someone who owns a number of things from Arturia, let me be the first to observe that their emulations are positively brilliant. They’re worth it at full price, to say nothing of sales. Highly recommended.


Could not agree more. This winter I setup a new studio PC with only Arturia virtual instruments and their FX suite installed ,just so I would force myself to dig deep into their instruments. It has been a really cool creative journey.