Assign scale to chord & key-lock chord notes

Would it be possible to right click a chord pad & assign a scale to it? So when that chord is played it will change into the assign scale.

Also when we select keys-lock & chord note would it be possible to have the notes extend up & down the octaves rather than restricting to what seems like 2 octaves? This is restrictive creatively, why not let us set it?

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Hi @Rosko

This is a good idea and something we could do, however the current UI does not really allow for more controls at the moment.

We got to a point where new features don’t get discovered because they are hidden behind many menus and dropdown lists.

Future development should help a lot in this regard. Making it easy to further customise Scaler and the controls you need for your own workflow.

Thanks for the suggestion and the continued support :wink:


Yep I agree too. Good feedback, I could use the melody across more octaves and second Ed’s comments.

Appreciate your considering this & certainly understand the need to implement features in a considered way. I must admit I’m still discovering things with scaler 2.