Assign scale to chord & key-lock chord notes

Would it be possible to right click a chord pad & assign a scale to it? So when that chord is played it will change into the assign scale.

Also when we select keys-lock & chord note would it be possible to have the notes extend up & down the octaves rather than restricting to what seems like 2 octaves? This is restrictive creatively, why not let us set it?


Hi @Rosko

This is a good idea and something we could do, however the current UI does not really allow for more controls at the moment.

We got to a point where new features don’t get discovered because they are hidden behind many menus and dropdown lists.

Future development should help a lot in this regard. Making it easy to further customise Scaler and the controls you need for your own workflow.

Thanks for the suggestion and the continued support :wink:


Yep I agree too. Good feedback, I could use the melody across more octaves and second Ed’s comments.

Appreciate your considering this & certainly understand the need to implement features in a considered way. I must admit I’m still discovering things with scaler 2.

I was entering a new request (see below) when the community software suggested an overlap with this earlier one, so I thought I would post it here as a reply instead …

What I am proposing is slightly complex, but I believe definitely in keeping with Scaler’s philosophy and existing features.

In the UI there would be two additions:

  1. A new KEYS-LOCK option for “Chord Scale”.
  2. In the Section C Edit page there would be a new option for Chord Scale (e.g. major, minor, Lydian, altered, whole tone, whole-half etc). Ideally this would default to an “auto” option that would select a chord scale using sensible rules from the chord and global key (see e.g. How to Determine Chord-Scale Relationships) but definitely with a manual override.

Then, when these are both used, consecutive white notes in a two-octave range of the Midi input would play notes in the scale selected for the current chord (not simply the current key), with all its chromaticism. It would be possible to improvise to a chord sequence in a meaningful way with very basic technique. Adjacent notes on input would be consecutive in the scale, and wider intervals would be similarly wide jumps in the chord scale.

Does this make sense? Does it sound useful?


Yes it makes sense and yes as a writer I am always hopeful of scaler expanding its melody writing repertoire. This is an exciting area of development. Thanks for feedback!