Attention Scaler 2.0 Tech Support and Studio One 4 users ... I need your help!

Hello Scaler Family,

I need either tech support from Scaler and or a Studio One user to assist me with this problem. It seems that Ableton and Reaper users are not having this problem, from what I have read. So I need to hear from the people at Scaler and/or from Studio One users that have figured out how to get Scaler to read audio correctly and how to route Scaler so I can trigger Chords “live” through Scaler to my hardware synths like I can with Chorder (Studio One users will be familiar with Chorder).

What I have dones so far:

Like most DAW’s you can setup a hardware synth (Motif, Korg, Juno etc) in Studio One as a Instrument so you can play back midi tracks create by other VSTs. But you can not audition the sounds in the Hardware Synth or play them back like you can when using a VST. This can be done within Studio Ones “Chorder” which is an FX plugin. So you add you hardware instrument, add Chorder (FX), route Chorder to the the hardware instrument and whatever you trigger in Chorder you hear through the hardware. Click record and it records the chords you are trigger through Chorder. Much like the way we use Scaler with software-synths. Now that Scaler is an FX for audio I was hoping to be able to use it the same way.

I am having two problems with Scaler 2. The first is - when setting it up as an FX for audio, it does not read the chords I am playing correctly nor does it read the chords from an audio track correctly. If I play a simple C Major Chord it will read whatever it feels like. Sometimes a GMajor, sometimes a B. If I play a simple C Major scale it wont read it at all. If I add a loop with a simple chord progression it will read all types of strange chords and read them differently every time the audio loops. If I try some Jazz chords … its like Scaler took LCD and goes on a “strange trip” …LOL

The other problem I am having is that I can’t hear the chords being triggered by Saler from my hardware synths at all. I do see the signal. I can hear the internal sounds. But if I turn the internal sounds off, I do not hear anything. Everything is routed correctly because I can see Scaler recognizing the audio signal coming through. I do have the"bind" clicked, but nothing.

I have been trying to get answers to this problem for sometime now to no avail. Scaler: if this cannot be done within Studio One just say so. It is still a great program. I just want to know if it will work or not so I can decide to pay for the upgrade. That is the main feature I am interested in.

Studio One users … if you have figure out a work around to get this to work like Chorder please let me know. For everyone else that has tried to assist me with this on my previous post, thanks. And NO, I am not switching to Reaper or Ableton …LOL

Scaler - email me and I can send you a screen shot or capture a video of how I am using it and send it to you. If we can set up a call that would be nice too.

Much love to everyone and stay safe …


Hi @cyorkgo

are you expecting the audio detection to trigger a chord into another software?
If so, it cannot be done by Scaler. The detection simply detects chords, it is up to you to layout & trigger your progression.

Regarding the results of the detection, it really depends on what you’re feeding it. But if you are playing straight chords from a piano for example, the detection should work “relatively” well and not output non-sense. There is definitely room for improvement so if you want to share some audio files, we can have a more in depth look at those specific issues.

Thanks for the feedback,


I was expecting the chord that was being played (created) in Scaler to trigger the audio from my hardware synth, the same way the chords created in scaler can be trigger the sounds in say Keyscape.

Scaler does not create a live MIDI signal when an audio chord is detected. We have always thought of the audio detection as a composition tool to get ideas from and not really a performance tool.

It might be a stupid question but is it something you use as part of a live workflow? Why not detect the chords once and add a trigger-note where you want them to play?


Maybe I am not explaining it correctly. I am not expecting Scaler to create a “live” midi signal when an audio chord is detected. Actually its the other way around.

Scaler produces midi notes (progressions) based on the key of a song or a scale I have played or even one of the presets. Once I click Bind, and I can play that chord progression across my keyboard and use one of my VST instruments (Keyscape) to audition the many sounds within the VST. Scaler never did that with audio because it was never an FX. There is an FX plugin with Studio One called Chorder that does allow you to audition the sounds in your hardware synth. You find one you like, hit record and it plays the midi notes on the instrument track and records the audio on the audio track. I thought because Scaler is now an FX-plugin I would be able to do the same thing. Here is a video that shows you Chorder in Studio One: Unfortunately there are no videos showing how to use this with an external synth other than showing how to set up an external synth to be used within Studio One. Here is one, its rather old but you get the point: Here is another, that shows the same thing but gives a demonstration of him actually triggering the external sound while recording midi … again, this is a normal setup within any DAW, but the difference is that within Chorder, you can actually “trigger” or play the chords Live through your external synth because its an audio FX:

So I was looking to use this the same way I could with a VST softsynth. If this can’t be done, its ok. I just thought it could be done because Scaler is now an FX. But I cant even get it to read a simple C major scale from audio or to read a simple CEG triad.

Here is an example using Captain Chords in Ableton to trigger an external synth. You can do the same thing with Chorder in Presonus.

OK… :exploding_head: , sorry for the misunderstanding. The part on the audio signal coming in Scaler really confused me. Thanks for sending the video :wink:

You can send the midi notes of Scaler to your hardware synth in other DAWs as other have suggested.
I am not an expert in Studio One but the way I would try is to set the MIDI input of your Synth track to Scaler and turn on monitoring on both track.

Let me know if that helps

Ok … so I am making a little head way.

I think I have figured out part of the problem. So instead of setting up Scaler as an FX/Audio track I added it as a “Instrument” track instead. I added my Juno as a “instrument” track and set the Instrument Output to Scaler 2. On the Scaler2 Instrument track I set the Output to the Juno and the Input to Scaler 2. Now when I play a chord set in Scaler it does trigger the sounds of my Juno but I can also hear the sound of the key I am pressing down as well as the chord being triggered from Scaler.

Thanks ED for your emails. You guys are AWESOME! Hopefully Ill figure this thing out.

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MUTE scaler OUTPUT, then you’ll only hear the sound of Juno

I tried that. If I mute either one I wont be able to hear Scaler (the chords being played) just the Juno. I am waiting to hear back from Presonus to see if this is a Studio One thing. I am also going to download a trial version of Reaper to see how it works.

Thanks …

I just setup synth input to scaler and from scaler i select “no instrument”. This way i can hear only synth when i trigger chords from scaler. I think studio one is the best. Specially the latest changes what allow printing midi to audio and it automatically silences the midi track. If i need To go back editing midi its just one click. Really fast…