Audio detect not working scaler 2

hi, very frustrated, i bought that because it says on the manual and on website that aif. files are compatible. Midi’s work but NOT audio.

“waiting for input” is the only message showing while playing the file.

scaler 2.4.1 on big sur mac and logic pro.

Are you using the Scaler Audio VST ?

I have scaler 2 with the last update 2.4.1
I am confused scaler audio vst is another plugin?

Yes; it’s optimised for audio detection.

It should have been installed in the VST folder when you loaded up the application.

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i am on a mac, i assume it is similar. going to remove scaler and reintall. will let you know.

i reinstalled and still not working, i spent the all day on that thing, sent email to support 3 days ago and still no answer.
I appreciate your help. when i reinstalled all the vst were checked by default. don’t know what else to do.

I’m on Windows.

We are currently in between time zones here (too late for European members, too early for US). Two of the Scaler principals generally log in in the morning (their time) who are Mac users, so I expect that either the US or Melbourne should reply in the near future.

I suggest that you do a scan of the machine for the plugin extension, and see if has gone somewhere else.

The folk on this board are very helpful, as are the Melbourne principals. Plugin Boutique are UK based distributors. Do hang on in there, because Scaler is a great product, with really good future developments in the pipeline

thank’s i appreciate your support. I reinstalled again and will check tomorrow.

Hey @Aspen

the audio detection should work on your config.

If Scaler cannot find chords in the audio, nothing happens and it keeps waiting for input.
Have you tried with different files?

Here’s a file with some chords that should work so you can test on your config:

Since you are on Mac and Logic did you reboot after install. In Logic you will only see AU plugins not VST.

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Hello and welcome Aspen
What Yorkeman wants to tell you is that there are 2 Scaler: the Scaler instrument (on Windows it’s Vsti; I don’t know how it is on Mac) and the Scaler Vst effect.
For audio detection you must use the effect, which is usually placed after an instrument or on an audio track

Again since you are Mac there are no VSTs in Logic. What you will see is Scaler 2 Listed under MIDI FX and called Scaler Control2 and one listed under instruments called Scaler 2. I just tried Scaler Control2 on Logic and if I go to detect and choose Open Audio File and navigate to the file Ed posted it acts like it will open but just sit there “Waiting for input”
If you put Scaler 2 instrument an a instrument track and drag and drop the audio file Ed sent it works fine and you should see this… You won’t, however be able to route the MIDI from the Scaler Instrument in Logic due to AU restrictions.

Thank you to everybody who answer me, i appreciate that.

Today I upgraded logic pro to 10.7 and reinstalled scaler 2 and it works now!