Audio to MIDI Key Detection

So I understand the general premise and workflow of Scaler Audio to MIDI / Key Detection.
Somewhat confusing though is Waves Key Detection and EZKeys Bandmate both return different results…well kind of.

The source is a short clean solo vocal. In attached image Waves results is not the same. and EZkeys does say F#m / A which is in Scaler results but 9th down in the list. Any feedback on why that would be?

And is the Scaler list prioritized in order of relevance to closest match first and/or most common use?
For example, if I was writing with someone it would not be as normal to tell them "it is in x exotic key/scale VS " it is in Cm)

Scaler 2 is primarily designed to detect chords within source material whereas some others like Scaler EQ for example is designed to detect key and scale hence those varied results when using melodic as opposed to harmonic material.
We have some significant developments to come in these areas with improved all round detection for melodic and harmonic material.


OK all that sounds great…In this case it was 2 against one with Waves being the outlier and Scaler offering tons more options - would not hurt to determine in Scaler more common at top of results

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