Audition Chords on Circle of Fifths Wheel

Wherever the circle of fifths wheel is used, it would be great if left-clicking on a chord would audition the chord and right-clicking would perform the “select” action. That way, one could bop around the wheel to quickly try out chords in succession, before selecting one for inclusion in a target slot.

Thanks for this inspirational program.

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That’s a great idea. Why don’t we just leave it but enable CTRL Click or Right Click to audition?

I’m down with that! :+1:

That is great. In the next update?

Sounds like a great idea.

aiming for 2.4 thing. Option / Alt click to audition chord!


YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS this is a great request and improves the creative workflow on many levels.
Please make this a priority new addition in the next version.


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