Auto-play Progression When Advancing to Next Song/Artist

It would be nice to be able to auto-play next song or artist progression when advancing to next one so the Play button wouldn’t need to be clicked each time.

I would like to second this request to be able to link songs (chord sets).

But before I add my “What about me?” to your daily flow, let me say something to the whole Scaler team and everyone who puts the time in here in the forum.
I’m a lifetime entertainment marketing professional (who’s finally able to work on his music daily).
So I am attuned to look for technical professionalism in design, patience in tutorials, detailed and helpful response to user problems (even if they are RTFM in nature), forward thinking in updates and overall presentation
I have never seen all five at the same time in a software context like this.
You all deal with people as conscientiously as you develop your software competently.
You care about what you do. That’s the only way a company can survive in these times.
Make sure to tell one another you’re doing it right, even if all you hear from us is “What about me?”

Now…what about me?

I can’t seem to limit myself to a reasonable amount of chords per composition.
Even when I do, the same pattern often repeats with a different chord timing, so another pattern is required.

I understand there are limitations that hold us to 7 patterns of 8 chords per song.

So I have two requests to add to future development if they are possible with software limitations.
Hopefully neither is an embarrassing RTFM.

The ability to create a pattern play list not limited to numerical order within a single chord set.
Example: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 3 4 8.

The ability to buffer a request for a second user chord set to begin playing when the current one ends so there’s no load pause.

I know i said two.

Just wanted to ask if MIDI SPP is still in the works as mentioned elsewhere.
That would be a timesaver in more detailed work within patterns.

Thank you everyone.
Especially the poor soul who has to answer this.
Really good work