Automating Scaler 2 in Logic Pro: ie. Performances and Expressions

Hi All,

Does anyone know how can automate certain parameters like Performances and Expressions in Scaler 2 in Logic Pro X? So for example see an automation lane for all the Phrases and switch between a Soave and Triste. Any help with automating Scaler functions in Logic Pro X would be appreciated

Kind thanks! JLP

You can use automation midi within the midi region or you can use external control via midi CC. Check this vid:

and here’s a gif of me using midi CC 74 & 77 to change patterns:
Aug-24-2022 12-24-14


Dear Davide, Greetings London! Thanks for responding so quickly. I appreciate that.
I’ve replicated your example in Logic and created separate regions on an automation lane. I assigned each region to a different controller. I have drawn the same slope you have in the example you sent. It only changes once at the start point of the first region. The regions that follow do not make any change.
What am I doing wrong!
I will try to use one of my Arturia external controllers - beatstep or Mini Lab to set controllers externally but I’d really like to be able to draw them instead as I’m not doing live gigs at the moment.

One other question. I use MidiFX Frieze to record Scaler 2 midi output. Unfortunately it seems Scaler blocks sustain pedal info. I spoke to the developer of MFX and he found the same result. Do you have a solution to this problem.

Thanks again for your kind attention.


Really hard to know Joe unless I am sitting with you there. In terms of the Sustain pedal issue you need to activate midi pass through in setting/preferences. See below. Hope that helps.
PS _ why are you using Midi Frieze why don’t you use Scaler’s Midi Capture? It works really well.

Dear Davide,
The sustain works now! Thanks.

The automation works perfectly with my Arturia Minilab pads too! What great feature you’ve added! I can now switch between assigned controllers smoothly to play different perfomances ect live. I’ll have a look at the files I record and figure out what went wrong with manually writing files.

I’ve never used the midi capture feature on Scaler so I’ll give that a go.

Thanks again for your help as always.


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