Availability of Scaler 2.8 for iOS


I see in the Apple App Store that Scaler 2 is listed with a version history that includes the new v2.8.

However, I just redownloaded Scaler 2 this morning and received v2.7.5 (according to the About/Help box).

Is the announcement in the store ahead of the actual availability?

Let me inquire another way -

Has anyone downloaded Scaler 2 for iOS and observed “2.8” in the About/Help box?

Hey @sj1 2.7.5 is 2.8 - not sure why but the devs had a reason, easy way to check does it have the anime chord set? Then it’s 2.8.

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No, @davide

It clearly shows version 2.75 - so it is 2.75

Of course is it could be the same as version 2.8 on Desktop regarding features and content.
But the App version is still 2.75 - this could have been done by mistake but does not change the fact. Also there may be a later version 2.8 too, you never know …