Basic Caged Chords for Beginning Guitarists

Here’s a set of basic “CAGED” chords for Guitar. These are some of the most commonly used chords for guitarists. The Scaler instance is not a song in itself but is a basic set of chords for you to use in projects. (Two Chord are spelled as Eb chord but are actually F7. I could not get Scaler to name this chord F7 no matter what Scale I used, including Bb Major. I’ll query this in a post on Bug Reports).


The full session.
caged chords-Session-2022-08-09.xml (43.8 KB)

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i changed the scale and triad, 7th, etc to be able to drag the right chord into place. :slight_smile: so CAGED chords + F and B (7 per row)
CAGED (FB) Chord Set.xml (42.8 KB)

that said, probably a better habit to understand the proper scale chords than simple CAGED chords without context… so things like “M m m M M m °” etc so beginners will get good habits from the get-go