Basic Introduction to Multi Out

With the introduction of this new feature in Scaler 2.7 there has been a lot of discussion about its set up in various DAWS, which has included discussion about what it is. But I thought that a simple tutorial may be useful for new users. If you want to use Multi-out in Ableton Live see Scaler 2.7 Multi Out, how to guide and information for various DAWs.

Multi out separates each chord into its individual notes that are output on individual midi channels. Each channel can then be routed individually to separate instruments, depending on how your DAW routes midi.

Note that Scaler’s multi out reserves midi channel 1 for the whole chord and then, starting with the bottom note of the chord outputs each note on channels 2, 3, 4 etc.

So using a C maj triad (C, E, G) as an example the whole chord is out put on channel 1

C is output on channel 2

and G on channel 4

To illustrate this I have created a short project in Reaper below.

I am using Reaper 6.69 because Ableton Live does not support routing of individual midi channels between Ableton midi tracks without using 3rd party plug-ins.

So to start, I have set up one instance of Scaler 2.7 on Track 1.

In the Scaler settings I have turned MULTI-VOICE OUTPUT to ON

I have turned the Scaler instrument to OFF so it is not producing any audio output (you don’t have to do this step) and switched DAWSYNC ON.

I then created a simple progression: E maj, E maj/G#, A maj9 and B maj add 9 from the Alternative 2 song and added them to Section C.

If we go to the CHORD page you will see that some of these chords consist of 5 notes and some of 6! Hence I have created 6 instrument tracks.

So I have added 6 yes 6, more instrument tracks each of which will play one note from the chord being played in Scaler.

The instruments on the racks are

  1. Track 2 Novation Bass Station;
  2. Tracks 3, 4 ,5, and 6 each have an instance of Xpand!2;
  3. Track 7 and 8 each have an instance of Surge XT (an excellent well supported free synth).

I have then routed midi from Scaler to each of the individual tracks:

  • Channel 2 of Scaler is sent to track 2;
  • Channel 3 to Track 3;
  • Channel 4 to track 4;
  • Channel 5 to Track 5;
  • Channel 6 to track 6, and
  • Channel 7 to track 7.

Now when start the DAW transport each instrument track will play one note from the chord in Scaler.

@davide has a tutorial on setting up multi out in DAWS.

Hope this helps you to get creative with Multi Out.


Thank a lot as a Reaper/Scaler user, it’s easy now to make it works

Thank you for this! As a Reaper user, I was hoping for some one to do this to make it easier to understand.