Basic MIDI routing

I’ve got a (hopefully) basic question.

I’m trying to output the Scaler 2.0 MIDI to another Track in Reaper.

However at the moment, even though I am Sending PostFX MIDI from the Scaler track to another track, the Scaler notes aren’t recording on the other track.

For example, I’ve set up the Arpeggio feature in Scaler so when I have Keys Lock - Chord Notes on the keys above middle C now map to the current Chord notes - let’s say C now plays F.

This works in Scaler however I want to RECORD this output note (F , not C) into another Reaper track (maybe with a Cello VST for example).

I know I can MIDI Capture and drag the MIDI onto the Cello track, but what are the steps to SEND the Scaler note (not the actual key pressed) live to the other track?

I’m using Reaper and am reasonably knowledgeable on routing, however I’m guessing the solution is setting Scaler to output the right MIDI note…

Thanks in advance

I’ve found the solution, I’ll post here in case anyone else has the same issue.

  1. Set SCALER track to SEND (PreFader, PostFX) No Audio. MIDI Channel 1 > 16 to the intended VST track
  2. Set VST track INPUT, All MIDI Ch 16 (this is an action - SWS/S&M: Set selected tracks MIDI input to channel 16)
    RIGHT CLICK VST Record button and set Record:Output MIDI (this is an action - Track: Set track record mode to MIDI output)

This way the OUTPUT of your Scaler is RECORDED live as MIDI onto the VST instrument track.