Batch import MIDI chord progressions?

I have a folder of MIDI chord progressions. Is it possible to batch import them into Scaler 2? What’s the best way to go about adding a folder of MIDI progressions into it?

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Scaler detects chords and at this time I believe the only way is to drag and drop a progression onto Scaler and Save the results.

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@jamieh is correct, at this stage the only way to incorporate your chord sets into Scaler2 is to drag and drop them onto Scaler2 for detection and then saving them into the User Content folder. Scaler2 only supports dropping single files at this time.

Thanks @jamieh and @james , I should have been more specific. I have just upgraded computer and have Scaler2 on my old machine with lots of custom chord sets I had made and saved within Scaler 2. Is there a way to export these and import into my Scaler 2 on my new machine? Can this be done in a batch?

Chord sets are saved as XML files in Scaler, and I don’t think you can batch import midi files.

So, assuming you still have old machine, copy the chord set files from your USER directory on the old machine into the USER directory on your new machine. You can find the directory location at the bottom of the PREFERENCES tab under SETTINGS.

After copying the files into this directory refresh the User list.

For more information abourt saving Chord Sets there is a tutorial here. Hope this helps.

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