Be careful throwing notes

Be careful throwing notes :grin:


that’s how it feels if you mess with Scaler without knowing what you’re doing. Like putting in performances back into Scaler with performance mode on (per @TMacD 's admirable aleatoric composition method :slight_smile:

Or my favorite method, feeding existing chord progressions in MIDI piano roll into a Scaler instance with MIDI key bind on, and wondering what the heck is going on :wink:


Interesting timing on this post as I’ve recently been using Scaler to “auto-audition” the thousands of midi clips I’ve somehow accumulated over the years. (Do a full system search for all your .mid files and see what you find)

The cool thing with using Scaler as the audition instrument (in my case w/in Studio One) is that I can quickly swap sounds, performances, timing parameters and sometimes bound notes to produce some interesting stuff. It is rarely perfectly usable as is, but I have stumbled onto some pretty cool cllips from unexpected places that provide a jumping off place. Probably a little like the bottom of Cladio’s Tower where some of those notes puddle into some fun stuff. :slight_smile:

Hope people are doing well and enjoying spring.


Yeah, I was wondering what happens further down to the notes that bounce off that guy’s head. Can’t let that MIDI go to waste, must be doing some deliciously aleatoric stuff? :wink:

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