Beatmaker 3 MIDI record / limitations

I just bought Scaler 2 for iOS and am trying to figure out what is possible in Beatmaker 3.

I would like to record MIDI generated in Scaler’s sequencer back into Beatmaker so I can edit the notes in piano roll.

I am using Scaler Control as a MIDI Effect within Beatmaker, but when I try to use MIDI Route (MIDI FX plugin) to send the MIDI to another track it seems to crash scaler and I get no output until I re-load the instrument.

There seems to be a way to do it by playing the chords manually (as shown in this YT video: but I can’t get that method to work with the Scaler sequencer.

This may be a Beatmaker limitation as I know it has some problems with MIDI but I wondered if anyone has any additional ideas or info? Thanks!

Did you solve this already?

Could you please provide more details about this?