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Now, how only to get out of loop-only mode, and figure out how to arrange something more holistically. Anybody got suggestions for tools or resources? Is that something feasible for Scaler to use for?

I am also open to collaborating with anyone who could make use out of my fragments…

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What is that strange fried-eggs background noise?

just that, breakfast :upside_down_face:


Or a Pink Floyd reminiscence… :grin:

Anyway, I am tempted to collaborate, but I am under a bad flu, so not for now

And, there is always the problem of my obsession to add bass & drums everywhere :smile:

I seem to be in a bit of a rut to, I’ll come up with something about a minute or two long and then struggle to move on to something more sustantial such as the track below. I suppose this is my lack of musicallity and inability to play any instrument. But I enjoy just trying to make music it’s a hobby of mine especially during these cold winter days.

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The thing that struck me here was that the piece is in the ‘Bernd’ style, so to speak, rather like the other Aleamanic YT compositions. I would classify this as being low in tonal variation, no prominent repetitive motif and no ‘drop’. [“It’s not trance”, I hear you say … no, but classical music features drops as well.]

So is that a bad thing ? No, I actually like this genre, and elements can be found in stuff from Tangerine Dream to Paul van Dyke.
I guess there are a few things you could do, but leaving the essential elements in place … maybe bring in other patches / add a filter / (or even a drop).

I found the book by Dennis DeSantis useful (free at Buy Live, Push, Max for Live and Ableton merchandise | Ableton) to trigger thoughts for adding interest and variation.

Thanks for the recommendation, the book looks promising. Here is the link that worked for me…
Creative Strategies for Electronic Music Producers | Making Music book by Ableton