Bind MIDI / Scale Lock not working properly

I just started using Scaler today and what a great product!

But the Bind Midi into the second bank of the C section seems to have a bug with the Scale Lock enabled.

If I use the diatonic chords for C min from section A and drag them, in the same order, to section C, all is good. Each white key triggers the appropriate chord (C2-B2)

However, if I repeat the step above, but dragging into the second bank, C3 is skipped. The triggering doesn’t start at C3, but rather at D3 and C min is played without the flashing border.

Then, when pressing E3, the D dim plays but the C min key border is flashing in section C.

So shouldn’t the second bank also start on a C (rather than D)?
I realize there are 8 slots in each bank with only 7 white keys available.

Repeating this into bank 3 offsets the above by 2 white keys (the bank starts on E4) with the flashing border still behind by only one key

I also tried dragging the VII chord into the last slot of the first bank as well (rather than leaving it empty) but nothing changed.

Hi @gwp,

there are two things here, the first one about the sections in the progression builder, they are continuous. You can see on the keyboard, you can bind up to 32 keys if you fill the 4 sections.
I like your interpretation though, and it could be nice to bind only one octave and switch between the 4 sections.

Regarding the flashing border, I have just checked and you are right, there is a strange behavior when there are gaps in the progression, we will get this fixed for the update.
EDIT: This has been fixed in 1.6

Thanks for reporting :slight_smile: