Bind Section A automatically disabled when importing a state

Hello. I am facing a problem when importing a saved state. Sometimes, the “Bind Section A” gets automatically disabled !! Is there a way to have this always ON !! The weird thing is that there is no specific cause for that and it is not happening all the time. I am not able to determine what is the cause of this Bind to go off … Same thing happens when i try to load a saved user preset !!

Hi @moepv,

Welcome to the forum. You have a few questions, so let me try to address them all here.

“Hello. I am facing a problem when importing a saved state. Sometimes, the “Bind Section A” gets automatically disabled…”

Exporting Scaler’s State does take into account the currently bound section, so it is understandable for the bound section to change when importing State. Also it is not possible to bind Scaler’s A Section when ‘Scales’ mode is selected, or Detect mode if no chords are detected. Do either of these explain your concern?

“When i assign command mapping to the performance modes “recall playback settings”, it does not work when i import a state.”

As you suspect, exploring Scaler’s State also takes into account Command Mappings so it is understandable for these settings to change when importing State. I’m not sure about a solution to your dilemma, but is it possible for you to use Live Sync to change Scaler’s settings instead of importing State? This why your Command Mappings will remain unchanged.

“I have a problem with the command mapping and i wish you can help on that.”

I don’t have personal experience with the Novation controller you mention, however in my experience, mapping MIDI CC messages to parameters in Ableton Live does prevent those controllers from reaching plugins such as Scaler. So I can’t think of a way to an assign a knob on your controller to control both Ableton Live and a specific Command Mapping in Scaler 2 at the same time. You may have assign one knob to Ableton Live, and another to Scaler 2.

Hope this helps!

Hello Tristan
I thank you so much for taking the time to write your reply, i really appreciate it !!
It is a bug i guess, because i am not in Scales Mode or Detect Mode. Note that it does not happen all the time. All my states are saved with Section A turned on, and when i load any of the states, most of the time the Section A is turned on, however, sometimes it is turned off, and this has nothing to do with any specific state, i tested this many times, the same state can be loaded with section A turned off, and some other time section A is turned off !! it’s very weird and it happens non sequentially … just randomly

This seems interesting. Ive just looked into it on YouTube. Could you explain more about Live Sync and how can it solve the issue i am facing ?! Thanks


Hi @moepv,

I’m afraid I haven’t been able to replicate the bug you mention. Every time I import a state which was exported with a particular section bound, that section becomes bound.

It would be great if you could provide a video of the bug occurring, but of course this can be difficult if it is occurring randomly. Please ensure you are running the latest version of Scaler 2, and can you please provide some info about your computer and operating system to aid our testing?

Regarding Live Sync, you simply need to activate Live Sync on multiple instances of Scaler 2. The first one becomes the leader, the rest are followers. Any changes to the leader are reflected by the followers, but only the listed parameters. This does not include Command Mappings. I’m not sure if this would solve your dilemma, but it is an alternative way to change a variety of Scaler 2 settings on the fly.

Thank you Tristan
The Live Sync is an amazing feature i have tested it !! Well, thank you so much, yes i am running the latest version

Much appreciated !