Bindings and Keyswitches - Highest Allowable Octave?


Suppose I want to move my Bindings and Keyswitches (the two adjacent octaves) up to the top of the keyboard instead of near the bottom. (This would be because i don’t care about playing C8, but I would like to be able to play C1 and C2.)

I know how to move the bindings up, but how high is it allowable for me to go and have it work (and, incidentally, not crash )?

Also, btw, how can I see the upper octaves? (Sorry if I missed that!)

Looks like you can go up to C8-G8. And the little arrows under the piano icon let you shift the Scaler keyboard UI up or down octaves

Very good, thank you Bernd!

I’ve now seen Scaler 2.4 crash three times after having moved those zones up high. Just moving them up doesn’t crash. But sending notes in with those zones up high does not seem to be reliable. The crashes were with Scaler in Live 11.

Interesting just tried here in Live 11 and Logic X and no issue triggering at C7 / C8

So far today things have been stable with Scaler in Live 11.0.5b3, unlike yesterday when I was using Live 11.0.2 release.