Black Keys as Chord Triggers

Hello everybody!! Happy New Year 2019!!
Such an incredible plug in this is!

I want to start composing orchestral and cinematic music and I would love to be able to map certain specific chords such as suspended or 9ths or 11ths or passing chords to the black keys while I keep the natural order of chords on the white keys. This to be able to have more possibilities of expression when playing with new ideas!

Is this possible?
Cheers Guys!

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Anyone there? :face_with_monocle:

Hi @HM1

We made the choice to map chords to white keys only. It might change in the future but right now it is not possible.

Sorry for the late reply,

Hey man!

Thanks for the reply! I got it.

If you add this feature into the next update, the Scaler Plugin will be UNBEATABLE.

Having the corresponding chords to notes on the white keys is amazing, but if you add the feature to also map any chords we want to the black keys, that will make Scaler 100 times more fun to play around with.
I really really hope you can incorporate this. It would be the best thing ever!

Once again amazing work guys, you’ve really opened the door for musical creation in the 21st century!!


One of the many things I appreciate about Scaler is what I believe is its intention to stay within musical theory, and helping learn it. I would not like it to become one of those many plugins in which everything is randomised, anything goes. Add more scales? Yes. Add more chord variations? Yes. Make everything playable with single keys (except for testing purposes)? NO.

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OF COURSE, I don’t want Scaler to be like those plugins that anything goes.
I don’t want randomized values that don’t stay within musical theory.

I JUST want the ability to map chords to the black keys also. That’s it. :wink:

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Interesting debate and mapping mode is something we are always looking at. I can clearly see the benefits of assigning to black keys but It becomes more a graphical representation thing in the UI. We will discuss.


Hey David!
Congratulations on a great plugin! Great Job!!

I truly think this would be a great opportunity to map some interesting chords that can make composing with Scaler a lot more fun ( this being amazing already :wink: ) and a lot more natural like how an actual piano player would do it.

I don’t think it would hurt anybody, it would be yet another creation tool ! :slight_smile:

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Just for this purpose think about the black keys note as actual notes but of TRIGGERS to be able to get more creative on the go.

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I’m on the black team to.
The triggers option increases the flexibility of this plugin.
I will not hide that I miss her very much

Hi there, I’m here as I would like the chord pads to trigger from black keys. Its not a problem when using a keyboard however I’m using Maschine MKIII with Live 11.

Why not black keys?


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+1 for black keys mapping :slight_smile: I primarily use a Linnstrument, so for the purposes of triggering chords, it’s basically a chromatic midi drum pad controller, which just means there are pads going to waste.

Thank you!!