Black vst screen in Sonar

I am having a problem in Sonar. Scalar 2.0 was working fine last week, now I get a black screen. I have rebooted the PC, updated to Scalar 2.1, rescanned plugins, and updated the Scalar settings file.

So far I have no change. It doesn’t run.

There was some earlier threads about this on Windows. This was one solution I found searching the forum –
here is what you can try to get rid of this black screen issue:

EDIT: it wouldn’t let me paste the text so here is a link to the thread-

Hi @Jazzguy,

You can disable OpenGLRendering from the ScalerSettings application.

  • MacOS:
    • Press CMD+Space to open the Spotlight Search and type “ ScalerSettings
  • Windows:
    • Press the Windows key to open the search and type “ ScalerSettings

Go to the Help page and click “Turn OFF OpenGL”:

Thanks so much, that worked! For some reason, adding the line of code manually to the settings file didn’t work.

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