Bluetooth midi help?

Total noob here. Had heard of Scaler but thought “nah I don’t need that”. Plenty of music theory tuition at a tertiary level, but hey! Reminds me of the “scientific” calculators from back in my school days. Very long time ago.
Over the last couple of years I’ve transitioned to MPC stand alone and most recently Akai Force, rather that replace my 11 year old MBP.
I have bluetooth midi recording into MPC Live2 OK. Not live but recording from the “C” part. Seems very laggy otherwise. (it’s also a pretty old iPad now and a base model at that)
I am only using the iPad app so far.
However, with a midi keyboard plugged into the MPC and functioning correctly I would have thought I could get midi via bluetooth back into the app on the iPad. Cant get it to receive midi. Only transmit. Am I missing something here or is this a limitation in the app or maybe the iPad?
I’ve hunted around on Youtube etc but can not find any tutorial on Bluetooth midi. Does one exist?
Over all I’m very impressed so far and maybe I don’t need it anyway. Was mainly wanting to play around with the single finger chords and improvised lead.

I’ve tried midi over network, but I can’t remember what it’s called.

Hi @Stevejaz Welcome to the forum. You may need to select your MPC as an bluetooth device, there’s a few places you can do this but have a look over this thread:

Thanks davide. I have midi recording to both MPC Live2 and Force. No issue there. What I can’t figure is the reverse. Not a biggie atm but wanted to, or assumed I could, get midi from the Force and/or MPC into Scaler via bluetooth midi. No such luck.
Main point being keyboard midi via MPC so that all is connected at once.
Probably a bigger issue for me atm is I can’t find metronome settings in Scaler. Seems to somehow react to tempo settings on Force but in a totally erratic way. I can get a loop which is 8 bars in Scaler to record into 41/2 Bars. Totally weird. Not like it’s double speed or anything. I suspect it may just be the limitations of Bluetooth midi.
I have an old iRig midi but need an adaptor from 30 pin to lightning.
All in all I’m seriously contemplating buying an M1 MacBook Air (on special locally at a good price)
I need to keep my old MBP for my firewire mixer.
If I get the ‘Air’ I’ll buy the computer version along with the instruction course.
ATM I just have the upgraded iPad version. Very impressed with it though.

PS: Found Tempo in Scaler.