Bouncing a Scaler Track That’s Output Through a VST

I’m having a senior moment. I’ve set up several Scalers that are synced and are outputting through instrument VSTs. I can’t remember how to bounce the audio I these situations. Can someone help?!

Here’s the specific situation. I have one Scaler that track on which I’m using midi triggers and key switches to generate a specific progression. It’s outputting to another track on which I’ve dropped a Native Instruments guitar. That track also has key switches on it that are triggering different rhythmic configurations. I want to capture that output as audio so I can fine-tune it.

I’m using Studio One Six, FYI. I’m sorry, I should know this by now. But I’m befuddled.

[EDIT: I think I resolved it. It’s a three-step process:

  1. Go to the Scaler track that’s feeding the chords and performance and press “MIDI Capture.” Press stop when the sequence is done.
  2. Drag and drop the captured MIDI progression onto the NI Guitar track (or any other instrument track to which you’re outputting).
  3. Bounce that resulting track to audio.

This combines the Scaler midi progression with the instrument-specific keyswitches that change articulations and expressions into a single track that can be rendered as audio and further edited.

If I’m missing anything or there’s a way of simplifying this workflow even more, let me know!]

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regardless of DAW, most times you need an audio track for the softsynth output which you would then arm for recording, then press your record button. :slight_smile: if you’re hearing the softsynth you likely already have an audio track (or sometimes called an instrument track) so that would be your track to arm for recording. however, if it already has MIDI on it, then create a separate audio track and set its input to the softsynth and arm and record.

Join the club. If I understand you correctly what you want to do is record the output from your guitar track. I am not familiar with Studio One but I am sure your can do this easily.

Joined that club a few years ago! Anyway, I know it’s doable, just can’t remember how.


ON Studio One do you have to route the audio output from a vst to an audio bus, then route the output from the bus into an audio track that is armed for recording? This would be similar to the routing with a physical mixing desk:- track>bus>recording equipment.

On Ableton Live and Reaper you can route the audio output from the guitar vst into a new audio track that is armed for recording (no need for the bus) and record the output (actually in Reaper you can just record the audio output on the vst instrument track, but I think it is better practice to record the audio on a separate track).

most DAW you can route the VST output to an audio track without needing a buss.

MIDI -> VST midi in
VST audio out -> audio track

then just arm the audio track for record, and press “record” :slight_smile: