Bouncing area selected LogicPro extended

A annoying effect generated by using Scaler ‘drags’ is that bouncing is extended for around 7 seconds every time I bounce a file. It’s not a showstopper but requires a second operation (audio result) to remove that tail. Any suggestions?



Bouncing in Logic? Do you have include audio tale tuned on in when bouncing? This sounds like a Logic setting within the bounce page and it is capturing the reverb of what you are doing.

Are you stopping transport before you stop MIDI record in Scaler? Because that generates extra bars.

I only drag the generated MIDI parts to Logic. The Scaler2 is even removed from Logic. Obviously, there is always an echo trailing part but that’s extended with 7 seconds silence the moment the part is created by Scaler.
Not a showstopper but annoying.


I think we are onto something.

Audio tail is on. I think it’s a bug

To be clear - you are dragging the midi file from Scaler and when the file is in Logic it is 7 seconds long at the end only?

Peter to eliminate any potential bug could you please clarify exactly what you are doing? I am assuming this had nothing to do with scaler and more to do with an effect whatever you are bouncing with Logic’s audio tale on?

I’ve setup a new session to get a more precise feedback here. The problem disappeared in the new session. I’m therefore assuming it was related to LogicPro’s environment for that problem project where it was repeatable.