Boutique Scaler

Hi , my Mac is Mac OS High Sierra version 10.13.6
I use Logic Pro X and downloaded the Scaler Demo but it didn’t work.
I would like to buy the program but I am concerned that it won’t work.
Could you Boutique garantee me that it will work before I purchase and could you put up an installation video on YOUTUBE so I can see and if it works in Logic Pro X ?

Hi Tony, welcome to the forum. We are not ‘Boutique’ just a support forum for our users. Scaler works great on High Sierra. I myself and thousand of users use your set up. Please refer to your manual, YouTube, this site for instructions on how to use Scaler.

Hi Davide
I got the demo version but I got as far as opening Logic Pro X select MIDI FX then select AUDIO UNITS then select Plugin Boutique Scaler Control . MIDI FX turns green and now it says ScalerControl but the app doesn’t open , I don’t see any piano like on this YOUTUBE VIDEO . if someone could help me get past this stage I would appreciate

Just hoping I can help… but what you say don’t sound right at all. You don’t want to open Scaler Control . You need to load a Scaler.dll of a Scaler.VST. Look again at the startup instructions for the plugin to load. Good luck.

Thanks for the tip , looks like the demo version doesn’t work

Tony demo works fine afaik. Load Scaler as an instrument and you are good to go. Load Scaler as a MIDI FX and you must insert an instrument for it to control otherwise it won’t play any sound. Try loading Scaler and in instrument in a Instrument Channel